Does SCP-3008 have guns?

There are guns in the update 4122, but they are non functional.

Does SCP-3008 have weapons?

The Weapon Plot was a uncommon plot found in SCP-3008 during the 4122 April Fools Event. The plot contains 2 Bargain Bins, 6 Bombs, 1 Drone, 1 Drone Stand, 3 Glocks, 4 Gun Racks, 5 M4A1s, 1 P. SAM, 2 SMGs and 3 Snipers and you can find a black wounded survivor, although there wasn't any badge for it.

Where is the gun in SCP-3008?

The Tool Gun is the only item in the 'Tools' tab of the Spawn Menu. This is technically the only tool in the game as you can make employees get controlled.

What is the rarest item in SCP-3008?

The Living Room plot is a plot found randomly in SCP-3008. It contains two of every item listed below, along with one GameCube on one side of the plot. It is extremely rare, making the GameCube currently one of the rarest items in the game.

Is there a blood moon in SCP-3008?

Blood Night is a nighttime phase. It was added during Update 2.4 along with Foggy Days. The event is also referred to as "Red Night", "Blood Moon " or "Red Moon" by players in game.


Who is SCP-3008 King?

King (SCP-3008)

King is an April Fools employee that can actually destroy bases, and other stuff. It was removed from the game, and it is not spawnable.

Is SCP-3008 infinite IKEA?

SCP-3008 is a Euclid anomaly. It is otherwise known as, “Infinite IKEA.” Entering said location results in being unable to leave, or having little to no chances of getting out. The anomalies in 3008 are the “Employees.” These creatures have no face, and can vary from being incredibly tall, to super short.

What is the shark called in SCP-3008?

A Blahaj is found in the green room on the green chair. Blahaj means "Blue Shark" in Swedish. he is of course, a blue shark. A very friendly and cuddly one too, which makes him a good companion!

Is the bear in SCP-3008 rare?

It's spawns approximately 5% of the time but can be mistaken as common. This may lead to it being treated as a collectible, like the Blahaj and Pingvin. DJUNGELSKOG resembles the bear from djungel skogen, a TV show in sweden.

What SCP is a nerf gun?

Description: SCP-3108 is a heavily modified Nerf brand dart gun which demonstrates anomalous transformative properties when paired with SCP-3108-1, a foam dart discovered loaded within SCP-3108 at the time of recovery.

What SCP is the living gun?

SCP-127, upon first glance, appears to be a standard MP5K submachine gun. Tests have revealed that aside from the outer steel shell, the entirety of the firearm is organic and alive. The weapon's ammunition initially appeared to be human-like teeth.

What gun does SCP use?

Standard Issue Sidearm: Beretta M9, although non-military personnel can purchase their own sidearms if they don't like the M9. Guards must carry a 12 Gauge Ithaca 37 Shotgun or a M1928A1 Thompson submachine gun (with 20-round stick magazine) alongside their X26 Taser guns, and personnel if they choose to.

Are there guns in 3008 Roblox?

There are guns in the update 4122, but they are non functional.

Is there a sword SCP?

Description: SCP-1871 is a steel longsword with a cruciform hilt measuring 144cm in length, with a blade 115cm in length. The hilt is bound with strips of leather.

Is King still in SCP 3008?

King can only be found in the 4121 version of the game, and within a rare pillar that contains him in the normal game. This is the only entity in the game that can move/push anchored furniture. King has been permanently erased off the game. Although there's a feature where you can spawn them in Update 2.8.

What's the backstory of IKEA 3008?

SCP-3008 is a Swedish furniture fever dream. It's based off a horror story from the popular SCP Foundation website, one that describes how someone finds themselves in an endless Ikea. Inhuman creatures known as the “Staff” stalk you.

Is SCP-3008 a movie?

We Goin All The Way Up Streaming on Roku. SCp Ikea Stairway To Heaven - SCP-3008, a gaming movie is available to stream now.

What SCP is a sea monster?

SCP-1128, also known as The Aquatic Horror, is an antagonist in the SCP Foundation series. It is a sea monster that only manifests to those who know of it, it can attack subjects who are immersed in nearly any amount of water. The SCP cannot be caught due to the complicated location-jumping nature of the creature.

Is SCP-3008 a backrooms level?

Level 3008, otherwise known as "Indoor Outdoors" is an extremely dangerous location inside the Backrooms. One must avoid this place; do not end up like us. Little is known regarding Level 3008; one must not attempt coming here to assist the database, though; it will be one's demise.

Is there chocolate in SCP-3008?

Chocolate is a consumable item from SCP-3008. It is the first item/consumable to ever have ROkea themes on it. The second one is the Bargain Bin.

What SCP is God?

SCP-343 is a Safe Class SCP known as "God". He is believed to be a raceless omnipotent being that has taken the form/appearance of the Abrahamic God.

What SCP looks like a bird?

SCP-4975 is a gray bird-like creature with a sharp beak, a humanoid body, spider-like slim arms, a curved stomach, thin, long legs, and a tail.

What SCP is Pluto?

Description: SCP-2362 is the designation of Pluto, an interior Kuiper Belt object, following the discovery of its organic composition by Foundation researchers in 1983.