Endometriosis Journal – What Can Be Done For Spotting or Too Heavy Periods?

Endometriosis Journal – What Can Be Done For Spotting or Too Heavy Periods?

Spotting is defined as light vaginal bleeding, brown, pink or light red that appears before period, after period or in the middle of the period, when ovulation happens. Yet, in endometriosis, spotting happens a lot and many patients say the doctors do not find any hormonal changes, uterine myoma or polyp and of course, we are not talking here about the possible implantation bleeding.


As a patient with endometriosis, two surgeries done and a lot of hormonal treatments tried, I also confronted myself with this king of spotting, sometimes even bleeding between periods or heavy periods.

I will leave you below my experience but also what helps me most during those times – now, in 2022, just a light brown discharge the week prior and the week before period.

A mysterious bleeding – the thing that made me hear for the first time the word “endometriosis”

In the autumn of 2008 or 2009, I don’t remember exactly, I started bleeding between periods. Just like that, after my clock wise period for so long, I experienced intense red spotting.

When I was to the doctor nothing else seemed wrong. I didn’t have something in my uterus, I didn’t have an ectopic pregnancy (what everyone was asking me) so they put on birth control pills. I think I had a 4 cm cyst but that moment no one told me it could give such symptoms.

This is when a doctor told me “it might be endometriosis” without telling me what it was and advised me to have a blood test, CA125, “when I will have time”.

Brown discharge before period and after period - the symptom that upset me more

Moving on from that episode with red spotting, afterwards the symptom that upset me a lot was a brown discharge I had especially before and after period.

The doctors diagnosed me back then, in 2012, with an uterine polyp, so as they said, this was to blame. I mention I did not have pains or other symptoms.

None told me to do some hormonal blood test, but I want to an endocrinologist and from the blood test she ran “nothing was wrong there”. I mention here that no doctor told me about that ratio between oestrogen and progesterone (you can read here about it) so I don’t know how relevant those tests were.

Uterine polyp and hormonal changes – my top reasons for brown spotting

Summing up, for me, this spotting comes from uterine polyp and hormonal imbalances. Even now, when I don’t eat ok for long, this brown spotting tends to be longer and more intense, sometimes even with pains. Yet, fortunately, when I keep the diet, take my supplements and apply the below remedies, everything is back to normal.

My top solutions for spotting and heavier periods

Practically I have 3 natural remedies for spotting (and even for heavier periods.). First is taken by a homeopathic doctor I worked with like 10 years ago and the other one, a tincture, I discovered it in my research.

China Rubra and Calcarea Phosphorica

These two are homeopathic remedies prescribed by a doctor back then in 2008 when I had that weird bleeding and I still use them now when I have that brown discharge but also when my periods tend to be heavier.

In “crisis” I use the low dilutions – as they are stronger – but I advise you to consult a doctor before taking them. I take about 5 pallets under tongue for 3 times a day and the spotting stops or the period comes lighter.

I mention that, when I don’t find them both at the pharmacy (you should combine the two, in order to take like 2 pallets from China and 3 from Calcarea) I use the same one of them and it still works.

Shepherd’s purse tincture or Lady's mantle tincture

Although my doctor recommends Alchemilla tincture (Lady’s mantle) for bleeding, especially for the spotting that appears when starting birth control pills, I find sheperd’s purse tincture better.

Of course, you could try both and see.

These can be found at the natural products store, you don’t need prescription for them, and you have to use them only when the bleeding/spotting happens.

Yet, I am bigger fan of homeopathic remedies.


This was my insight on spotting – light, brown, red or even for heavy periods. Hope to find it useful, to ask your doctors about them and to understand that especially us, the endometriosis patients, need to search and do things for ourselves to help a little the doctors too.

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