Endometriosis Journal - What Supplements and Food I Do Not Tolerate, Even If, in Theory, They Are Good for Us

Endometriosis Journal  - What Supplements and Food I Do Not Tolerate, Even If, in Theory, They Are Good for Us

In all these years of research, writing and testing, I realized some very important things. I will leave them below, together with a list of supplements and food that, even if good for us in theory, according to some studies, they always give me side effects and I cannot tolerate them. I am writing this article because I have read on many Facebook groups that I am not the only one who is experimenting this kind of things.

Researching and testing in endometriosis – what have I learnt in all these years


1. The help of a naturopath or nutrition doctor is welcomed, but not the most important

No matter how much he would read, know or study, a such doctor is not an endometriosis patient so keep in mind there is plenty of work for you too. You are the one who needs to listen to her body, to understand what is right and wrong for her, what imbalances does she have and how to avoid risky supplements or food.

Therefore, this endometriosis journey depends 80-90% on yourself and less on the other doctors you choose for you.

2. The supplemens that are not included in studies centered on endometriosis should be carefully administrated

At the beginning of my road on Facebook groups there were all kind of “magical” natural remedies, all sort of combinations of fitoestrogenic plants. After my first sugery, in 2014, I told myself I need to be more pragmatic and to be guided only by studies.

Here’s how I got to a medical website only with medical studies. I started searching different word combinations such as: “endometriosis diet”, “endometriosis supplements”, “endometriosis vitamin C”, “endometriosis Omega 3” etc.

Here’s how I got to a list of supplements and foods that were researched and had positive results. Neither that list was 100% applicable for me, you will see below, but yet, it was a very good starting point.

3. Diet and supplements does not matter too much if you are stressed out and do nothing to better this situation or if your endometriosis is too severe to avoid surgery

I don’t think diet and supplements can do wonders if you are stage 4. An endometriosis nodule will rarely “vanish” with diet and supplements (although I admit there could be such cases). In this context it is also very important if you had endometriosis almost all your life (the endometriosis symptoms were from the very first period) or if it appeared after a stressful event, a trauma etc.

That’s why I am always saying all we do for ourselves has to be doubled by regular medical check-ups to a doctor who is specialized in endometriosis.

Supplements and food “labeled” as “recommended in endometriosis” that give me side effects

I mention I am not a doctor to give you a scientific explanation about why these things happen. From what I have read and study, to blame might be the inappropriate way of detoxifying estrogen, the gut imbalances or some genetic problems.

If you also experiment this kind of side effects, even with “recommended things”, ask your doctor, tell him, do not continue to take just because almost everyone says they are ok. Listen to your body as this is the most important indicator.


Turmeric or curcuma, the active substance, is included in several studies about endometriosis, with positive effects. Yet, whenever I took turmeric supplements, or even worse, turmeric powder, I experimented high estrogen symptoms: ovary and breast pains, heavy period, headaches etc.

However, when I take a serrappetase supplement that also contains turmeric (in a low dosage, it is true), I don’t have such problems anymore.

Castor oil packs

Among the first treatments against adhesions I read about, castor oil packs are not for me. I tried those and had side effects: stabbing, brown spotting and pains. After these episodes, I looked better on internet and I found that castor oil packs should not used by women with ovarian cysts as they can increase inflammation.

Antioxidants, especially in the supplement form

Resveratrol, for example, but other types of antioxidants as well raise my estrogen very much. Recently, I have talked with two endometriosis patients who had worse symptoms, and a cyst even got larger after taking antioxidants.

Besides the antioxidants in the supplement form, even the fruits like berries, red grapes, cherries can give me similar problems.

I am not saying you should not consume these fruits, but be careful with them, with your general diet and take some enzymes like Wobenzym N. This supplement helped me a lot in my gastrointestinal issues and it is also included in a study regarding endometriosis and infertility.

Green tea

There is a study that says that a certain compound from green tea is very efficient for endometriosis. You can read it here. On the other hand, whenever I drink green tea I feel worse, I feel dizzy and very sleepy. It appears that green tea is not recommended for those with low iron level (as in my case) or maybe to blame is the caffeine from green tea, as I also have problems with coffee.

Garlic and onion

Two foods that are recommended in endometriosis, especially for the immune system, garlic and onion are not for everyone. Maybe I am intolerant to allicin (a sulphurous compound – as I have previously told you I have problems in taking NAC too ), as garlic and onion contain it too.  

Egg plant

When it comes to garlic, onion and egg plant, three food I cannot eat anymore after my second surgery, I really believe is more about the changes my body has gone through the last years.

I have a healthy diet, with 3 main meals, nutritious, but when it comes to these foods I don’t get stubborn to eat them only because “they are healthy”. I accept the fact that, at least for now, my body does not like them and I move on.

 Propolis supplements or suppositories

Apiculture products tend to raise even more estrogen level and, whenever I took propolis tincture a longer period of time, I had problems. I do take propolis from time to time, when I have stomach issues, but only for 2-3 days, several drops in water, not supplements.

Teas or supplements with fitoestrogenic plants

From my “research moment” from 2014, I decided to stay away from everything that is fitoestrogenic (at least conciously) because we eat daily things that are more or less fitoestrogenic. I find them risky and the experience taught me they are not all right for me.

Any treatment, supplement or new food I am trying now, I try only judging after the experiences above. I start slowly, I listen to my body and drink a lot of water. Only after these safety measures I take the final decision, the best decision for me and my body.

Because no matter the studies or doctor’s advice, the best barometer is you.


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