Endometriosis Diet Journal: No Gluten, No Dairy, No Sugar - 1 Month

Endometriosis Diet Journal: No Gluten, No Dairy, No Sugar - 1 Month

It's been a month since keeping this strict diet without gluten, dairy, sugar, soy and alcohol. Besides the 3 main dishes + snacks meal plan, I also leave you below some of my impressions of this first month, together with my mistakes and my goals for the next month.

But first, if you want to read my previous two articles "Endometriosis Diet Journal: No Gluten, No Dairy, No Soy" here is the first one, and here the second one.


3 Main Dishes + Snacks Meal Plan

Let's start with one of my daily meal plan you can inspire yourselves from. This time, my meals were not vegan as I included fish and eggs.

Breakfast: Pouched Eggs with Bell Pepper and Gluten Free Bread

Luckily, there is a bakery in my town where you can find gluten free bread two times a week. They have a type with buckwheat flour and another one with almond flour. My favourite is the one with buckwheat flour although it has too many seeds in it, but still, it has a better taste.

Therefore, for breakfast I cooked two pouched eggs (if you don’t know how to make a pouched egg, here is the recipe), and I associated them with bell pepper strips. This is all I had in the house for breakfast at the moment but you can pair the eggs with avocado and other veggies too.

Lunch: Fried Fish with Boiled Potatoes and Cashew Cheese

This might be the healthier version of fast food. I had a trout, I washed it, cut into small pieces, mixed 1 egg with some corn flour, and then I gave the fish chunks through this mixture and then fried them in boiling oil.

In the meantime I washed and cut the potatoes smaller and boiled them.

Afterwards I grated over some cashew cheese (or whatever vegan cheese do you use).

I enjoyed all this with gluten free polenta. You can find the recipe on the website too. It was delicious.

Dinner: Tomatoes Dish 

For dinner I had a simple tomatoes dish but I also ate some fried fish that was left from lunch.

Fruit Salad As a Snack

As for the snack I enjoyed a colourful and healthy fruit salad with orange, pomegranate, banana and kiwi.
I drank a ginger tea in the morning and bought a natural juice made from aronia and apple.

My Impressions After One Month of Strict Diet

This month was a good one in terms of “endometriosis symptoms” and other medical stuff like. I didn’t feel it was difficult to keep the diet but I also made some mistakes.

First of all, I ate too many fried things, especially fried potatoes.

Second of all, after one month of strict diet I bought myself an apple pie as a reward. This wouldn’t have been a problem but the next day I bought another apple pie, and the next day another one plus a bun.

So, as I already told you in my first article, I think rewards are not for me and I should stay away from them.

P.S: Another great dish I have tried since my latest "diet journal" article was gluten free pasta with shrimps. It's delicious too!


Therefore, this was my first month on this journey. I really want to continue and, if I am going to keep on track, with no cheating, I will write you some other diet journal articles.

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