Endometriosis Diet Journal: Day 1

Endometriosis Diet Journal: Day 1

It is not my actual day 1 of endometriosis diet, but it is the first one after almost one month of constant "cheating" and after a long, long time without a strict diet. Besides, this time I really want to stick to my healthy eating habits, so a journal could be a great motivation “tool”.

Therefore, if you have endometriosis or just want to have a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, alcohol free and soy free like, this diet journal is also for you.


I will try to write periodically, including the struggle, the dishes I cook, the healthy snacks I eat and all my symptoms. From time to time, I will also add something about my endometriosis supplements protocol but not much as you know I am not pro self-medicating. For this I recommend dr. Cristina Toader. Here you can read more about her and her work.

Why I wanted to return to my (strict) endometriosis diet?

For those of you who don’t know, I am an editor and an endometriosis patient, with two endometriosis surgeries, one in 2014 and one in 2016. Especially after the second one, which was performed by dr. Voicu Simedrea in Timisoara, Romania and that involved a bowel resection too – so things were pretty serious – here I told you about my surgery step by step – I decided to keep a strict diet: which I did for almost 4years. Then, I started cheating from time to time, the pandemic came and I felt I could no longer be so strict anymore.

I mention that even then I had periods of time of 2-3 months when I ate very “clean” and healthy, but then I had also weeks when I couldn’t follow the same eating “protocol.

Long story short, I decided to return to my endometriosis diet because on December I ate sugary things, meat, I drank alcohol and things were pretty bad especially at the end of December and the beginning of January: which really scared me.

What symptoms did I have and what affected me the most?

My main symptoms were dizziness, nausea, ovary pain and constipation.

If I were to make a classification of foods that harmed me I would say: meat, coffee and alcohol (of course I didn’t drink too much, but still).

Although I always drank one small, weak coffee with coconut milk I am sure this was what gave me really bad nausea and a slight dizziness.


Endometriosis Diet Journal: Day 1 – my main dishes

I am not a nutritionist, I don’t know if I chose the right ingredients or combinations but here is my today’s menu. Is gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and soy free.

Fruit, vegetables, nuts combination for breakfast


For breakfast I grated 1 medium carrot, sliced 1/2 avocado, 1/2 red bell pepper and 1 apple. I added 1-2 walnuts and that was all. Before breakfast I always drink a cup of tea, today I had a dandelion root tea, but some other times I drink ginger root, Melissa/lemon balm tea or Lady's bedstraw tea. After this salad I ate 1/2 banana - I take some of my supplements after breakfast, among them 1g of vitamin C, vitamin D3, quercetine, goldenseal, betacarotene etc.

Fish and potatoes for lunch

I won't lie to you. I didn't cook these today, I had them from yesterday, but the dish is very easy to prepare. You just need a trout, prepare it on the grill and associate with some oven baked potatoes and some lemon wedges.


Rice pasta with cashew/almond cheese for a not so late dinner

This one is easy to prepare: had some rice spaghetti, boiled them and on another pan I cooked some carrot and squash strips, add some olive oil, just a little bit, and then some spinach. I mixed them all together and then added some cubes of cashew/almond cheese from Rawckers. Do not put too many as it is a very hearty dish with just a few vegan cheese cubes.

Before dinner I also started again Calcium D Glucarate, my top 1 supplement for lowering estrogen. I kind of neglected it for some time.

What other snacks and drinks I had

Today, I also drank ginger lemonade and had a half of a chocolate vegan protein bar. I can say that this day was indeed a good one in terms of dishes and of symptoms (didn’t have any). I know the consistency is the key for every diet, especially for this one so let’s see how the things will evolve.

The exercise training - a walk of 30-40 minutes

Today I could walk almost 40 minutes. I don't have a pedometer, I will install on my phone but as in my town was snowing and it was a brisk walk, I felt very well after this "training.


Fingers crossed for me and, if you want to read my Endometriosis Diet Journal, but not only, please subscribe to this website, like and follow our Facebook and Instagram page.

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