Don't Wait Perfection to Have a Voice!

Don't Wait Perfection to Have a Voice!

World is nowadays obsessed with perfection. We must be very careful what to eat, what to say or what to wear. At some point, we get tired - tired of trying. So we give up. Because even if we might know why we should do that, only the idea of being perfect exhausts us.

I always say we are not robots and sometimes what we consider to be “beautiful”, “healthy”, “successful” or even “genius” can hide different truths “backstage”. When I started to feel really bad I went to the doctor, of course. Tried some treatments, got through some surgeries, started to research a lot, to write about my disease (endometriosis), started to talk with other people who had health problems and I discovered a brand new world.

A world of knowledge, of wisdom, of innovation, of “not giving up no matter what”, “of hoping no matter how dark the sky”.

That’s when I realised I needed that world and maybe that world needed me. About that moment I started to research a lot about diet and health – studies mostly, but whenever you begin such road, more and more things reveal to you. I met people just like me, similar or even more difficult stories and I finally saw “the light at the end of the tunnel”.

At some point, to be honest I don’t remember exactly when, I felt, I knew that a healthy diet and some wisely chosen natural supplements are mandatory in my way to healing. All these, of course, besides the regular medical check-ups or even surgeries when they were needed (and they were needed in 2014 and 2016). But in my research and reading process I understood that without me being 100% involved  in this journey, my doctor’ skills (here the surgeon or the nutritionist included) or some uncertain treatments won’t be enough.

That’s when I started to “have a clean diet”. Sometimes stricter, sometimes cheating a little bit and most of the times talking out loud about it.

I won’t lie. I really felt and feel the world needed my experience told out loud. Paradoxically, I knew I was and still am an inspiration and a needed voice under this Sun, but that was also the moment when so many people tried to silence me.

Because I wasn’t perfect: smart enough, educated enough, old enough etc. And I have seen how so many people, in different fields of life, live the same thing. They are silenced because they have bold ideas or unusual ways of living so they should “shut the f..k” up”.

This bullying can be quite stressful so we/they do give up. They leave others “more perfect” to take their place. They give up their way of living, of eating because no one believes them anyway and, at some point, they start thinking the same way – that their involvement in their own life does not matter.

In terms of diet, health and way of living, at some point I understood that no gluten, no dairy and no sugar are my little wonders.  My little lights in that tunnel towards healing or feeling the best.

My voice was silenced on this journey but each and every time I returned to my path. Yes, I am not perfect. As neither are you. I am not a nutritionist, but I am passionate journalist and a patient who went through a lot. I don’t keep a strict diet every single day and sometimes I cheat, but I do know that my “little wonder thing” is this healthy diet with no gluten, no dairy and no sugar.

We don’t have to be perfect to speak. To make decisions for us. To keep a healthy diet without certain group of foods.

Perfection is relative, so let’s enjoy our journey, our healthy journey and get inspired by people like us, by little recipes, “soulful recipes”, that not always have the best photos or chefs, but have the most important ingredients: love, caring, knowledge, experience.

We are proud and happy about “The Healthy Journal”, the place where you will find inspiration, recipes, the best vegetarian restaurants in your area, reviews, studies, health articles, natural remedies and interviews with specialists.

We hope you will pass by from time to time and that you won’t wait to be perfect to try our homemade recipes or read our articles. We are not, but still dared. And, at least in terms of “before vs. after” we succeeded. So will you!

Marina Rasnoveanu

Foto credits: Anita Bejenaru

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Editor, Endometriosis patient, but very well now thanks to my doctor and my way of living. I am passionate about health & healthy living, writing and researching a lot in the past years on these topics. Here I will write articles, recipes, interviews, studies and all sorts of materials about dieting, endometriosis and health.

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