Creamy Red Lentil Soup

Creamy Red Lentil Soup

When I started to eat healthier, lentil was among the pulses I used most often. It’s delicious, of course, if you know how and in what combinations to cook it, and, besides, it is also very nutritious. Very rich in proteins, many vegetarians use lentil to replace meat.

Lentil – a vegetable native from Middle East, dating back to 8000 years ago

In time, lentil seeds got in Africa, Europe and India, and today lentil is one of the most appreciated and used pulses, especially in the vegetarian cuisine. There are several types of lentil, most of them grouped by colour: brown lentil (recommended for soups and stews), green lentil, yellow lentil (very savory, appropriate for all sort of salads), yellow and red lentil (both very easy and fast to cook, the best if you want to cook a delicious creamy soup).

Lentil is an important source of vitamins B-s, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium and proteins

Due to these nutritive properties, lentil is very healthy and consistent, suitable for all kind of dishes. It’s good to know that 200 g of cooked lentil gives 230 calories, 18 g proteins, 40 g carbohydrates, 90% of the Daily Recommended Dose of Vitamin B9, 49% of DRD of manganese, 37% of iron, 36% of DRD of phosphorus and 22% of DRD of vitamin B1.

Creamy red lentil soup – what ingredients do you need

Besides being so healthy, lentil, especially red lentil, the one I chose for this dish, is very, very tasty. You should try the next recipe as you won’t be disappointed. All my family, including my pre-teenager son, loves it!


250 g red lentils
2 liters of water
2 carrots
2 parsley roots
½ celery root
several leaves of celery
1 onin
1 red bell pepper or a kapia pepper
2 big tomatoes
salt, pepper
½ teaspoon of turmeric (curcumin powder)
1 small piece of chili (optional)
olive oil
1 cloves of garlic
several leaves of parsley
1 cm ginger root (optional)


1.    In a pot with 2 liters of water put to boil 2 carrots, 2 parsley roots, ½ celery root, several leaves of celery, 1 onion and a bell pepper/kapia pepper.

2.    After the vegetables, especially the roots, are almost tender, add here 250 g of red lentils. Prior, you have to wash the lentils in cold water, very well. Leave them all to boil.

3.    In the meantime, sauté in a little bit of water and olive oil 2 tomatoes (peeled and finely chopped), add here too salt, pepper and ½ teaspoon of curcumin powder. I have also added a little bit of chili, but add it only if you like the food to be more highly seasoned.  

4.    After the tomatoes are slightly cooked, add this mixture into the pot with red lentils and vegetables and leave 2 more minutes.

5.    Wholly, the lentils and all the other vegetables have to boil together about 15 minutes (from the moment you add the red lentils in the pot).

6.    Turn off the heat and put all this composition in a blender.

7.    Mix well, with 2 cloves of garlic and several leaves of parsley. Optional, if you like ginger, you can also add here a little bit of ginger root.

With only 7 easy steps you will cook the best creamy red lentil soup ever! You can serve as such or with beef steak or dishes with sheep meat. I have to tell you I also tried this recipe with green lentil and not everyone liked it. My younger son did not like it and told me to stick to creamy red lentil soup as this is the best.

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