Chocolate Banana Smoothie - Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Free

Chocolate Banana Smoothie - Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Free

Of course, my tasty smoothie includes more ingredients than banana and strawberry, so read below my whole recipe of a delicious, but also healthy drink. I prepared it this morning and enjoyed it as a breakfast, but you can have it between meals, as a snack or dessert. At the end of the article I also wrote another great recipe drink, a hot chocolate drink, this time, with cocoa/carob, a drink that can replace coffee.


Chocolate, banana, strawberry smoothie recipe - what ingredients do you need?

5-6 strawberries
1 banana
100 ml coconut milk or some other vegetal milk
honey to taste or other natural sweetener
strawberries or blueberries to decorate


For this recipe I used carob organic powder, but you can use cocoa powder too.

If you want to have more of that chocolate taste, add 2 teaspoons of carob or cocoa powder. If not, 1 should be enough. Keep in mind carob powder is sweeter than cocoa, so if you use carob, you could need less natural sweetener.

Therefore, all you have to do is to blend all the ingredients and to decorate with strawberries or blueberries.

Hot Chocolate Drink

If you have cocoa/carob powder, it would be great to also drink a hot chocolate made by the following recipe. This is best for those who think the cocoa powder should be "cooked", "boiled" before drinking.

Put in a small pot (like the one you are using for coffee) 200 ml coconut milk and 2 teaspoons of cocoa/carob powder.

Mix it really well and leave it like that till it almost reaches the boiling point (just as you prepare coffee).

Put in a cup where you added honey or natural sweetener too, leave it to cool a little and then serve.

It's delicious!

I haven't tried it yet, but I would also want to add in it some turmeric.


With so many delights, we have no reason in drinking sugary drinks. Both the chocolate banana smoothie, and the hot chocolate are excellent!

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