Cashew Cheese and Avocado Salad

Cashew Cheese and Avocado Salad

Whenever you want a quick, delicious and healthy salad, remember this recipe of cashew cheese and avocado salad. I made it the other day when I bought something from the market and, when I got home, I realized the foods are perfect for a quick salad. Therefore, here is my cashew cheese and avocado salad , in which I added some other ingredients too, of course, but better discover the whole recipe below, along with some tips and recommendations regarding cashew cheese.

Cashew cheese - the perfect alternative for “traditional cheese”

Four years ago I cut animal cheese from my diet. You can find the reasons and more about this in the “Endometriosis Journal” of this website. Yet, since then, I have tried to find an alternative and, fortunately, in my country, Romania, there are some 2-3 brands that make and commercialize cashew cheese with only clean, healthy ingredients.

I know in abroad it is not so easy to find such cheese, but look on the internet because I really think there are small businesses that make such cheese all over the world.

Cashew cheese - what are its benefits?

Cashew cheese it is rich in vitamins, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, protein and fibre. Besides, it is the perfect choice for the ones with lactose intolerance. It also contains some healthy probiotics which makes it great for the gut health.

Cashew cheese - always read the label!

Even if you switch to a vegan cheese, always read the label. Some brands add in all sort of preservatives, chemicals and you don’t want this for your health.
For example, I opt for the cashew cheese from Rawckers, a Romanian brand. They make the cheese only from: cashew nuts, water, Himalaya salt, fermentation vegan cultures and some other spices, depending on the type (like garlic, onion, basil etc.).This would be the “standard”.

Cashew cheese – how is the taste?

As I have told you above, different brands commercialize cashew cheese with all sort of aromas and spices. I like cashew cheese, it is almost like the traditional cheese and I often choose “Cashew cheese with Italian herbs”, it has an interesting taste.

Cashew cheese – what to pay attention to?

Cashew cheese is very hearty so you shouldn’t eat too much. Some cubes of cashew cheese should be enough in a combination of a salad or with cooked tomatoes.

Cashew cheese and avocado salad – what ingredients do you need

✔️ 8-9 small cubes of cashew cheese (mine was with Italian herbs)
✔️ 1 small avocado
✔️ 2 radishes
✔️ ½ red bell pepper
✔️ ½ carrot – grated
✔️ some leaves of green salad
✔️ salt, pepper
✔️ olive oil
✔️ lemon juice


➡️ Wash the avocado, unpeel and cut it into slices.
➡️ Wash and cut in two the radishes.
➡️ Wash and cut into slices the red bell pepper.
➡️ Grate the carrot.
➡️ Wash the leaves of green salad very well and you could leave them in water with salt till everything is ready.
➡️ Add all this in a big bowl; mix it well with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
➡️ Above, “sprinkle” the cashew cheese cubes.

This is a delicious recipe: refreshing, easy to do and full of vitamins. You can add some other ingredients any time, depending on your preferences, but I can assure you this variant is great.

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