Brown Rice with Mushrooms

Brown Rice with Mushrooms

This pandemic forced us to reshape our plans. Therefore, we had to find fast and efficient solutions to work under optimal conditions and, at the same time, to relax and provide our children a good environment for the summer holiday.

Thus, from Bucharest we moved in the countryside for a while, in a village near the Romanian capital city. “The country life” is not an idyllic one, at least not all the time, so, between programming codes and online meetings, I also had to cook for the whole family. Of course, dishes as healthy and as tasty as possible.  My luck was that “pot food”, cooked in the middle of the yard, is the best and no one complained, on the contrary. Besides, “the pot food” has also the advantage of not leaving that cooking heat and smell in the house.

A hammock in one corner of the yard and a pot with brown rice and mushrooms in another one

The other day, while one of my boys was relaxing in a hammock, I cooked brown rice with mushrooms and vegetables. It was delicious - both that image of him relaxing, and my tasty food that afterwards finished really quickly.

That’s why I decided to leave here our recipe of brown rice with mushrooms and vegetables, a recipe is easy to do, tasty, and also appropriate for the vegetarians.

Brown rice with mushrooms – what ingredients do you need?


1 kg mushrooms, peeled and without stem
2 onions
1 carrot
1 small bell pepper
fresh dill (or dry, if you cannot find fresh)
fresh thyme (or dry)
150 g brown rice (whatever quantity you choose, remember you have to add a double quantity of water and to be prepared with some more water to add, if necessary).
olive oil
salt, pepper

This dish goes well with a gluten free polenta (here is the recipe) or with a slice of homemade bread.


1.    Wash and peel the mushrooms. I chose not to add the stems, but if you want to use them, peel them too.

2.    Wash and finely chop the onions, carrot and the bell pepper.

3.    Put all the vegetables in a larger pot, on the heat, together with some olive oil and sauté them a little.

4.    Meanwhile, wash the brown rice in 1-2 waters and add it above the vegetables. At 1 cup of brown rice, you should add 2, even 3 cups of cold water.

1.    Mix and let them simmer.

2.    Add salt, pepper and thyme and fill only if you have them in a powder/dry form.

3.    Let them all boil until they are ready. The vegetables will be ready fast, but you have to check the brown rice. If, in the meantime, the food remains without water, you have to add some more water (boiled before).

4.    If you have fresh, green dill and thyme, wash, finely chop and add in the food, right before you turn off the heat. Cover and leave it like this until you are ready to serve.

This gorgeous food with brown rice and mushrooms goes well with polenta (above you have the link to the recipe) and with a glass of red wine, “countryside” wine, or with a Merlot, Pinot Noir or Shiraz.

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