Bakeries from Bucharest with Gluten Free Products

Bakeries from Bucharest with Gluten Free Products

Celiac disease, gluten intolerance or just a personal decision to give up gluten make a lot of people to look for healthy alternatives. Gluten free bread, pastries or even cakes are today produced and offered by many bakeries that understood the importance of approaching this segment of buyers too.

Gluten free bread in Bucharest – what bakeries sell this kind of products?

When we must give up gluten or decide to have such diet, the hardest is to replace bread. Some choose for polenta instead, some for crackers from different gluten free flours, while others buy gluten free bread from supermarket. This last option is not the most inspired as most such products could contain soy, additives or other unhealthy substances.


On the other hand, in the last few years, bakeries from big cities understood the need of this segment of buyers and introduced artisanal, healthy products, with gluten free flours.

Here’s where you can find gluten free bread and gluten free products in Bucharest.

!! If you have Celiac disease, it is very important to study very well the below options and to ask whenever you order if it is a risk of contamination. In some bakeries from the list, there are processed gluten flourts too so for Celiacs they are not an option. Yet, for those without these kind of health problems and where gluten free is more a personal choice, the other gluten free products from the bakeries included in the list should be ok. !!

L’Amande Gluten Free Desserts

L’Amande is the first gluten free bakery from Romania. Daniela Alecse, its founder, decided to start this business after she was diagnosed with Celiac disease and the gluten free food changed her life. Today, the bakery offers a wide range of gluten free products: gluten free breads, buns, burgers, bagels, pastries and cakes. The gluten free bread is custom made, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Address: Strada Lanariei, 93-95, sector 4, Bucuresti
Telephone: 0744.639.549

MamaPan Bakery

Some of the particularities of MamaPan Bakery is that the recipes are created by loving, determined mothers. Then, all the products are made with natural ingredients, natural maia, without yeast, additives or preservatives. MamaPan Bakery also offers gluten free products and gluten free breads, with or without seeds, from all sort of gluten free flours. Here you can see their offers. In addition, on the website there is also a category named “Artisanal Gluten Free Pastries” where you can order some other gluten free goodies.

Address: Strada Drumetului nr. 2A, sector 3
Telephone: 0786 462 029

Pain Plaisir

At Pain Plaisir you won’t find gluten free bread, but only gluten free cookies and marshmallows. Yet, it is important to mention that all the products are processed in a factory where it is also processed gluten flours.


Grain Trip Bakery

Grain Trip is a bakery that promise to embark us in a trip around the world, and the “gluten free area” is also included. At Grain Bakery you will find gluten free bread from buckwheat or rice flour, seeds, maia, natural ingredients, but also some other type of gluten free products.

Address: Strada Nerva Traian 16
Telephone: 0741 180 092

Buy local gluten free products

Another solution for those who want gluten free bread or gluten free products is to join Facebook groups with local producers, some of them offering this type of products too. Here you can find some Bucharest and Ilfov groups but pay attention as some of these producers might not be authorized.

These are our 4+1 options of bakeries from Bucharest that sell gluten free products. See their offer, the ingredients of the products and choose the best ones for you.


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