Baked Sweet Potatoes

Baked Sweet Potatoes

I first ate baked sweet potatoes at Bio Fresh, a vegetarian restaurant from Timisoara, Romania. If you ever get in this place of the world, I totally recommend this restaurant. Their dish looks like that: baked sweet potatoes, in fact a sort of "mini boats" made from sweet potatoes stuffed with a mix of vegetables, among which dry tomatoes and little tofu pieces. Above, they sprinkled inactive yeast flakes. This is, undoubtedly, one of the most delicious recipes with baked sweet potatoes.


Yet, from this combination, I don't eat tofu or inactive yeast flakes so whenever I prepare this dish at home I change the recipe. How is the result and how exactly I chose to juggle with the ingredients, see below. But first, let me tell you something about the benefits of sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes give you 120% of the daily dose of vitamin A and 40% of the daily dose of vitamin C

The nutritional profile for a medium sweet potato looks like that: 23-25 g carbohydrates among which 7-8 g sugar and 4-5 grams fibre. One medium sweet potato contains around 100 kcal, and does not have fats and cholesterol.

The benefits of eating sweet potatoes come from their vitamins and minerals. Therefore, as I told you above, one medium sweet potato gives you 120% of DRD of vitamin A and 40% of vitamin C. Besides, sweet potatoes also contain calcium, iron and potassium, but also powerful antioxidants, such as chlorogenic acid and anthocyanins.

All these are extremely important for our immune system, for the capacity of the body to fight with viruses, bacteria and infections. Besides, vitamin A is essential for the eyes and skin health.

Baked Sweet Potatoes - what ingredients do you need?

✔️ 2-3 sweet potatoes - bigger and rounder
✔️ several vegetables such as: 1/2 red bell pepper, 1/2 yellow bell pepper, 1/2 small carrot, dried tomatoes or 1/2-1 peeled tomato, sautéed a little bit in a teaspoon of olive oil and squeezed the liquid excess.
✔️ Chopped fresh parsley
✔️ Salt, pepper
✔️ Grounded walnuts
✔️ Raisins (optional - but it gives it an extra flavour)

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➡️ Wash the sweet potatoes. Do not cut the peel.
➡️ Cut on half, lengthwise and put on a steamer. Let them till they are tender, but not very soft.
➡️ Wash and cut into small cubes the vegetables. Brown them a little in 2 teaspoons of olive oil and 100 ml boiled water. Add salt and pepper. When the mix is ready, drain the liquid and leave the vegetables aside on a plate.
➡️ When the potatoes are ready, leave them a little to cool. Afterwards, carefully take the core. Pay attention, as you don't have to take out all the flesh, just to form small boats from these sweet potatoes.
➡️ Then, the ways of preparing these baked sweet potatoes are different. Because this time I let the sweet potatoes too much to boil, my core was very soft so I couldn't cut it into cubes - as I would have wanted.
➡️ Yet, my core was like a puree that I mixed with that mixture of vegetables and I also added raisins - on it and then, on above the baked sweet potatoes.
This time, it was more of pasta from sweet potatoes and vegetables.
➡️ You can stop here, but the dish is even more delicious when you put these "little boats" of sweet potatoes in the oven, just for 5-10 minutes, to roast a little.
➡️ Then, you can add even more raisins or chopped walnuts. The mix of sweet-sour-nutty taste is delicious!


I can't wait for you to try this recipe and tell me your opinion about it! Enjoy it!

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