Alcohol and Endometriosis – What Studies Say + My Experience

Alcohol and Endometriosis – What Studies Say + My Experience

I know, it is not healthy to talk so much about the things you cannot eat or drink when having endometriosis. Yet, sometimes is good to revise all these stuff. Without guilt, frustration, without having to take any decision, but it’s important to know what studies say about a certain group of food and what the experience of other patients with it was.


I say it once again, we are different, there are indeed some general rules and particularities, but each patient is different. Yet, the way alcohol works in our body stays the same. The difference is being made by the way our body process it, if we have or not have some gene mutations etc.

I state this because I don’t want you to think I am a witch who says “Don’t eat or don’t drink that because, otherwise, you will develop endometriosis or your symptoms will be worse”.

No, these are just facts, studies – it is true, not 100% validated, but still. Take the information below and do with it what you wish – it is your call, no time for judging or anything!

Alcohol – my experience with it

Maybe not a trigger right away, but alcohol impairs my health for sure. I am not a drinker, but especially in the pandemic I used to drink once in a while beer or “tuica”, a traditional Romanian drink. At the following medical check-ups I always had a cyst or something else  something that wasn’t there the previous time.

As for the ones of you who wonder about wines, here depends A LOT on your body.

Wine, especially red wine, contains resveratrol, which is good in endometriosis. Yet, wine raises estrogen a lot so be careful with it.

I don’t tolerate it, as I don’t tolerate grapes either, but I have other endometriosis friends who are able to drink 1 glass of red wine once in a while and they are feeling fine.

Alcohol and Endometriosis – What Studies Say

I will leave below four studies and their conclusions. You will see it is pretty obvious the result. If you want to read more, please click on the link that will give to the research and there you have all the information you need.

MAST Scores, Alcohol Consumption, and Gynecological Symptoms in Endometriosis PAtients

Conclusion: Endometriosis patients tended to differ in this regard from normal control subjects (p = 0.058) and were significantly different from patients with other gynecological disorders (p = 0.039). The evidence suggests that the gynecological problems of endometriosis may be a major medical correlative of alcoholism in women.

More, here.

Endometriosis and Moderate Alcohol Use

I will quote from the research that included more studies.

"Beer, red wine and bourbon are all known phytoestrogens. Moderate alcohol consumption increases estrogen levels in both pre- and postmenopausal women. Many pharmaceutical regimens used to treat endometriosis symptoms are based on lowering estrogen levels. "

"Women who are alcohol dependent or abusers often experience anovulation, ovarian pathology, luteal phase defect, repeated miscarriage, and infertility. Occasional heavy drinkers have experienced premenstrual symppoms, dysmenorrhea and heavy menstrual flow. All of the above have been associated with endometriosis. "

"A relationship between moderate alcohol consumption, endometriosis and infertility iwas noted by researchers."

Read more here.


Influence of diet on the risk of developing endometriosis

This research, at some point says: "Existing studies concerning nutrition and endometriosis suggest that diet is a potentially modifiable risk factor for endometriosis. Fruits and vegetables, fish oils, dairy products rich in calcium and vitamin D, and Omega-3 fatty acids are likely connected with a lower risk of developing endometriosis. Risk factors that increase the risk of endometriosis include consumption of products rich in trans-unsaturated fatty acids, consumption of fats generally, and consumption of beef and other kinds of red meat and alcohol."

Yet, at the conclusion, they say that further research is needed tu fully understand the influence of some food on the risk of endoemtriosis and that, at this point, there are no clear correlations between particular food products and risk of endometriosis.

They kind of contradict themselves, but yet, here is the study.


Infertility in women and moderate alcohol use

This study is not specific for endometriosis, but it does mention endometriosis as one of the most likely causes of infertility. As a conclusion, doctors say that "moderate alcohol use may contribute to the risk of specific type of infertility".

You can read more here.

These were only some of the studies I have found on alcohol and endometriosis. I didn't look for more, correlated with my experience, this was enough for me.


Hope this was a useful article for you too and that you will take the best decision for you and your body.

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