5 Food Supplements and 4 Natural Remedies For the Immune System

5 Food Supplements and 4 Natural Remedies For the Immune System

I know there are a lot of controversy regarding the immune system but I really think what we eat, what we drink, what we breath, what we do for ourselves could improve our general health being.


If in a previous article I mentioned things like diet and lifestyle (most based on science and studies) for improving the immune system, in this one, I want to gather in the same place the best food supplements and the best natural remedies for immunity.

The food supplements or natural remedies are not magical cures

Before proceeding I would like to emphasize the fact that no matter what we take, we should still pay attention to our weak points and to those diet and lifestyle factors I’ve written in my previous article.

Besides, as you may have noticed from my other articles, I am for a blend of allopathic – natural ways in managing our health.

Therefore, keep in mind the below supplements and natural remedies do not do wonders, just support our bodies. At each of them, when appropriate, I also left some personal recommendations and things I think you might find useful.

Top 5 natural supplements for boosting the immune system

Vitamin C

The most common vitamin and perhaps the most used one; vitamin C is a great immune booster. Many studies have investigated its effects on our health state and many concluded vitamin C can activate an immune response against flu and viruses. This means it helps the body to “fight” and clear off viruses.

Being a potent antioxidant, vitamin C also decreases the oxidative damage. Therefore, it has a lot of other beneficial effects on certain conditions.

I also wrote here about it and endometriosis, vitamin C being included in some studies on this disease too.

Rich natural sources of vitamin C are citric fruits, peppers, broccoli, sweet potato and berries, but when trying to reach its maximum effect, it’s better to take it under the natural supplement form. Of course, ask for a doctor advice first.

From my experience, vitamin C  from Secom, Solaray, Now, Doctor’s Best and Thorne are of high quality. I take 1 g a day, in the first part of the day, after breakfast or lunch (never on an empty stomach). 


This semi-essential amino acid is great for colds, Covid, endometriosis, inflammation, and many other conditions. I wrote about it previously, but I wanted to include it in this article too because besides boosting our immune system, NAC also helps in detoxifying our body and helping our liver and kidneys to function properly.

NAC is the one that helps our body to produce glutathione. This antioxidant fights against free radical damage, promotes longevity and has all the above beneficial effects.

I first read about NAC before my endometriosis surgery. I was telling you before there was a time I couldn’t tolerate it and even now I tend to have weird symptoms (like dry mouth or ovary pains) that might be associated with it. Yet, I can't be certain about this.

What I can say to you is that I, my mother and my father took it when we had Covid and long after and we felt very well. My mother had a persistent, disturbing cough from her asthma and NAC helped her out very much.

I also had a minor cold a month ago and NAC helped me with coughing too. My parents live in a polluted city and I think NAC works for this very well too.

If you want to take NAC, my advice for you would be to find a good brand (Organika if you live in Romania, Now, Doctor’s Best, Solgar, Thorne – are all ok), to start slow and to drink with a lot of water.

Vitamin D3

Writing this article makes me realize a lot of immune supplements are the same for endometriosis. There are, indeed, some studies that link endometriosis with the immune function, association which is not so much studied but still, this is an interesting perspective doctors and patients could pay attention to.

Regarding vitamin D3, doctors often recommend this fat-soluble vitamin for our immunity, inflammation, infections or tumours.

When two of my friends were diagnosed with cancer, their doctors made them test their vitamin D level and then prescribed them vitamin D3 supplements. Even if some doctors say 20 minutes of sun exposure is enough, some others say nothing “beats” supplementing.

The best way it would be to check your vitamin D level and then to have a good quality supplement. From what I have read, to absorb well, vitamin D has to be taken with vitamin K2. Ask your doctor about it and take what he recommends.

Vitamin D3 is great for the immune system, for endometriosis too (here, a study about it), but also for different viruses “very popular nowadays”, such as HPV – here, a study about it.

Even if now I am in a “vitamin D3 break” I usually take 5000 UI from Solgar or Doctor’s Best. I want to check my vitamin D level again and afterwards to take a combination of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. “Now” has a good product with these two.

Echinacea and Goldenseal

There are more studies on echinacea and immune system than on goldenseal and immunity. Yet, I still wrote them both because I sometimes take them in a product that contains them both and sometimes I take only Goldenseal and I feel great too.

Studies say echinacea can improve the immune response by controlling NK cell activity. This means it has an immunomodulation effect, boosting our body’s resistance to infections.

The same effect is seen on berberine (the substance from goldenseal).

I take goldenseal for endometriosis and as I know it has great beneficial effects on immunity too, I often chose it rather than echinacea.

As in every supplement, start slow and tell your doctor about the supplements you are taking. Besides, many products companies have doctors who might advice you, as it is the case for Secom, in my country, Romania.

4 Natural Remedies to Improve Your Immune System

Besides natural supplements, I want to have a short section here too with some natural remedies I know or have tried during the years for improving the immune system.

These so called “old wives-tales” have often times proved their efficiency. Besides, you can give them a chance if you are not into supplementing and this kind of stuff.

Sea buckthorn with honey for immunity

We used to do this recipe when I was little. First of all, let me tell you sea buckthron has been used for healing properties for ages, being rich in vitamins B1, B2, K, C, A, folate, Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids and antioxidants.

For immunity, but also for gut health and for the lymphatic system, you can make the next recipe with sea buckthorn with honey.

You need 500 g sea buckthorn fruits and 350 g honey. I think sea buckthorn fruits can be harvested from July-August, at least in my country Romania.

Therefore, you just have to wash the fruits very well, to take out the little stems and put in a jar. Press the sea buckthorn beans with a wooden tablespoon.

Pour over 350 g honey and mix it well.

Cover it and keep in the fridge.

Take a teaspoon from this mixture every morning, 30 minutes before breakfast.

Sea buckthorn is beneficial for endometriosis too. Read here the study, but pay attention to St. John's wort plant as it is not recommended to consume it if you are taking birth control pills. 

120 Raw Quail Eggs Cure

One quail egg contains three times lower cholesterol than the chicken egg, three times lower fat, five times more phosphorus, 7,5 times more iron, 15 times more vitamin B6 and so on. The quail egg also contains some antiallergenic substances which makes it more appropriate for those with allergic reactions.

The below cure is not for everyone as not everyone can drink raw quail egg, but it is a great remedy for immunity and for some other conditions such as cough, hipertension, diabetes, asthma, anemia etc.

I myself tried it several years ago and felt great, I will tell you more about after I will detail the scheme below.

The cure has to be taken this way:

-    the first 4 days: 3 eggs a day
-    from the 5th day till the 24th day – 4 eggs a day
-    on 25th day – 3 eggs
-    on 26th  day – 2 eggs

Things you have to pay attention to:

-    When you start this cure, make sure you take the eggs from a reliable, clean, source. For example, I take them from a relative who lives at the countryside and I know for sure she does not feed the quails with soy.
-    During the cure, it is recommended to give up coffee and to limit the alcohol intake.
-    Breakfast has to be served 1 hour after you took the quail eggs.
-    the raw quail eggs can be taken with a little bit of honey if you cannot take them like that, but from experience, you don’t feel their taste, you just swallow them and that’s it.

Aloe Vera, Wine and Honey Cure for Immunity and "all diseases"

When I was little, we used to have at home a little notebook where my mother wrote a lot of useful stuff, natural remedies included. They were from her memories in the countryside, so in fact they were what grandmother taught us during the years, but there were also recipes or natural remedies we found in different magazines we used to buy those days.

There we found a cure with aloe vera, wine and honey, a “treatment” we made after my mother went through a serious surgery and she needed to be stronger, to recover more quickly and to have a stronger immune system.

I remember I was 11-12 years back then and I also took a tablespoon from that “treatment” from time to time because I liked a lot the taste. (of course, as it contained honey and wine from my grandparents).

I know there are a lot of Aloe Vera gels nowadays, I know many of you maybe will be scared in ingesting raw aloe vera plant, but if you read the recipe below you will see the mechanism was quite simple, we didn’t use a lot of plant and, besides, the daily quantity is minimum.

Of course, you can try Aloe Vera gels too, I am sure they are great for many people, but if you can't tolerate them or you would rather try something more natural, see the next recipe.

For this, find someone who has Aloe Vera plant. Keep in mind this has to be older than 3 years. Before taking its leaves , the owner shouldn’t have watered the plant for 3 days.

I will tell you the approximate quantities but you can go down a half, depending on your resources.

So, you first need 1kg of Aloe Vera plant leaves. With a soft cloth clean the leaves (do not wash them) and put them in the mincer.

Add the mixture in a large glass jar and add over 2 kg of honey and 3 litres of good red wine (16-18 degrees).

Mix well, till the honey is melted.

Store the jar in a dark place. The jar has to be very well sealed.

Leave it there for 5 days and then it is good to be used.

The first 2 days, take 1 teaspoon a day, 2 hours before meals. Since day 3, take 1 tablespoon a day, one hour before meal.

Continue till the liquid is over.

The cure should last at least 2 weeks and 2 months at most.

This treatment is recommended in a lot of diseases, not only for boosting the immune system.

The cure with raw bee polen

Another useful and this time easy to take natural remedy is granulated raw bee pollen. You can find it on natural products stores or on bee products stores.

Bee pollen contains more proteins than beef, more aminoacids than eggs and dairy, and more vitamin A than carrots. Besides, it is rich in a lot of vitamins and minerals.

It is said that the bee pollen is best when it is harvested and we should use it closer to that moment.

The bee pollen should be kept in colored jars, hermetically sealed, for no more than 10 months.

For boosting your immune system, you should take a teaspoon of granulated bee pollen a day, in an empty stomach for 1-2 months.

Of course, this product is forbidden to people allergic to bee products.


These were my top 5 natural supplements for immune system and the 4 natural remedies I or my family used for immunity during the years. If you choose some of them, talk to your doctor before proceeding and always opt for high quality products or ingredients. 

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